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Broadway Recovery Services offers peer support, case management, 1-on-1 SUD (Substance Use Disorder) and behavioral health counseling to fill the service gap for our residents. Our supportive services encourage individuals to work towards long-term sobriety and independence on their own timeline. We take an individualized approach with each resident.


We accept Medicaid, Medicare and most forms of private insurance so that our residents

battling the disease of addiction can receive our treatment services. Please note:

counseling services are currently ONLY available to current residents.

Weekly Peer Support Program

An integral component of recovery is peer support. Broadway Residents have weekly access to peer support gatherings where we cover topics such as what recovery looks like, managing relationships during early recovery and the importance of rational thinking during recovery. Please consider making a donation to help support these weekly meetings. Any amount goes a long way. Donations can be made to our Venmo: @BRSdonate or our donate page.


 A peer support specialist is a person with direct experience that's expertly trained to support those who struggle with mental health, psychological trauma, or substance use. Their personal experience of these challenges provide peer support specialists with expertise that professional training cannot replicate.


Substance Use Disorder

A substance use disorder (SUD) is a “mental disorder that affects a person's brain and behavior, leading to a person's inability to control their use of substances such as legal or illegal drugs, alcohol, or medications.” This counseling service is one-on-one with a member of Broadway Recovery Services’s staff to give a personalized plan and support to struggling individuals.


Case Management

Case management, “facilitates the achievement of client wellness and autonomy through advocacy, assessment, planning, communication, education, resource management and service facilitation.” Broadway staff helps residents develop independent living skills, provide support with treatment and serve as the point of contact between clients and people in their social and professional support systems.


Mental Health Counseling

Broadway Recovery Services is here to help our residents every step of the way, including helping them to promote optimum mental and emotional health. Our mental health counselors work with their residents to, “establish goals and develop approaches to address emotional issues, shore up skills in coping and communication, improve self-esteem, promote changes in behavior and strive for improved mental well-being.”

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