Our Philosophy & Process

Why Transitional Living?


Transitional recovery homes provide a safe environment to support recovery from substance abuse for those who are emerging from medical detox, residential treatment, jail, or off the street. A person’s home living environment often does not always provide the support necessary to facilitate long term sobriety. BRS manages multiple recovery homes and implements the necessary funding and programming to provide those in early recovery with the support needed to successfully transition back into the community. These homes provide a combination of freedom and structure that help the person begin to readjust to life in the real world.

Instead of immediately returning to the living situation that possibly fostered and facilitated the substance abuse issue, recovery homes provide a structured environment in which a person can continue to focus on recovery from substance use disorders. Recovery homes have rules and regulations that require participation in twelve-step programs, house meetings, meditations,  and other treatment programs that continue to reinforce the main proponents of long term recovery.​

Our Program

& The Recovery Process


We utilize the 12-step recovery model along with referrals to local treatment providers that, in combination with recovery housing, provides the best chance at successful lasting sobriety.

  • Residents must be medically detoxed prior to entering our homes

  • For the first 30 days, our residents undergo a “Blackout Process,” which limits their interaction with the outside world, including a no cell phone policy, as well as restrictions on with whom residents can leave the property

  • Once the 30-Day “Blackout Process” is complete, we allow residents increased flexibility of movement and interaction provided they are adhering to program guidelines

  • Employment or further education is required as soon as possible, without endangering their sobriety (typically 60-90 days at the house).  This time frame is decided on an individual basis

  • An integral part of our program is encouraging our residents who have been at the house for more than 30 days to mentor and guide the new residents in their recovery journey

  • We offer one main home where all new residents initially arrive and multiple homes they transition to once they are stable in their recovery process
  • The residents at the satellite homes reinforce the camaraderie and regularly interact, guide, and mentor newcomers at the main house, which is critical to their success and has been a guiding principle in our recovery process 
  • We strive for an altruistic approach with our residents which is a key to the self-fulfillment we seek for each individual
  • We have no time limit on our program and offer different levels of housing to offer our residents a smooth transition back into the community
  • An employment placement program partnering with local businesses is a service we will embrace when the non-profit is fully operational
  • We connect residents with local resources to encourage them to make healthy dietary choices and exercise
  • Transportation services are offered to our residents ​

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