“I will be forever grateful for my experiences at a Broadway Recovery house. The structure and atmosphere were very beneficial to me in early sobriety. Many of the living skills I developed play a key role in the happy sober life I have today. It also provided me with a strong support group that I am still close friends with. Staying at a Broadway Recovery house was one of the best decisions I ever made”.


Bobby S

“I will always be grateful for my experience at BRS. When I had nowhere else to go BRS took me in. I remember feeling completely accepted for who I was and had hope for who I could become. Throughout the course of 11 months I was living at BRSI learned how to meet life on life’s terms. I learned simple things like how to get up on time, shop for groceries, communicate respectfully with others, take criticism, and follow- directions. Without the men in the house showing me the way, teaching me how to live life sober, and to holding me accountable none of this would be possible. BRS showed me a way of life that I’ve never experienced before. Without BRS and the 12 steps I would not be here today. Since I’ve transitioned into independent- living I’m employed full time in an amazing career, own my own home, I’m still involved with a 12 - step program, and I freely giving back what was given to me. Life is awesome!"

Kasey C.

“During my month long stay in residential treatment I heard about sober living, and specifically heard of BRS. After inquiring for more information, I decided to give it a shot. I had tried numerous times to go home before going to BRS, but never acquired the solid foundation of recovery I needed to maintain long term sobriety. After moving into BRS I had to conform to their program which at first seemed to be lots of trivial rules. I realized after some time those rules were there to keep me accountable for my own recovery. I started to change slowly and once I saw newer residents coming in felt obligated to lead by example. Helping others has become second nature, this life was freely given to me why shouldn’t I do the same in return? I will always be grateful to BRS for giving me the tools I needed to become a better man. Thank you BRS."

Terry L.

“When I moved into BRS I was the definition of broken. I had nothing but the clothes on my back. I felt hopeless, self- destructive, and was on the verge of death or incarceration. The men at the house were quick to help me! The only conditions were to be willing to follow the rules and take- action. At BRS I was required to participate in 12- step recovery which forever changed my life. Today I can maintain employment, wake up on time, keep up on all bills including a new car payment, and have a valid license to drive that car! I learned how to manage my money and budget for life on life’s terms. I will forever be grateful for my experience at Broadway Recovery Services."

Randy W.

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